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IORUX RESTORATIONS conservation and restoration studio is led by Sultana-Ruxandra Polizu Guță, having 18 years’ experience in the area.


Ph.D., paintings restorer expert Owner and Chief Conservator




Since 2007 - Paintings restorer in private practice at S.C. IORUX TRADE SRL Company (executive manager)

1995 – 2007 - Easel paintings restorer at the National Museum of Art of Romania

Participation in the conservation and restoration of numerous paintings belonging to the Romanian Art Gallery – Old Romanian Art and Modern Romanian Art, to the European Art Gallery, to the Art Collections Museum, to the K.H. Zambaccian Museum, to the Theodor Pallady Museum, to the Kalinderu Museum, to the Peleș Museum, to the National Bank of Romania etc.

Participation in galleries re-opening (European Art Gallery, Old and Modern Romanian Art Gallery), re-opening of the Art Collections Museum, openings of various permanent and temporary exhibits organized by the National Museum of Art of Romania in country or abroad, as well as various collaboration projects out of which I mention Headley Trust Project on restoration of five masterpieces of the National Museum of Art of Romania – Spanish master (Huan de Huanes) ”Virgin with the Child”, Tintoretto ”The Annunciation”, Bernardino Licinio ”Return of the Prodigal Son”, Giorgio Vasari ”The Holy Family”, German school ”Crucifixion”.

2002 – 2006 – Preservation and restoration of the main church iconostasys from Hurezi monastery, UNESCO monument, together with the painting restorers’ team from the National Museum of Art of Romania.


2008 - 2012 – Ph.D. in History - “Valahia” University, Târgoviște, Faculty of History, fundamental area Humanist Sciences

2004 - 2006 - University Babeș – Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of History, Philosophy and Transylvania Trust Foundation, specializing post-university course on Historical Monuments Rehabilitation

1995 - 2000 - University of Arts, Bucharest, Faculty of History and Arts Theory, specialization Works of Art Conservation and Restoration

1990 -1995 - Spiru Haret University, Bucharest, Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism and Design, specialization Research and Preservation Techniques of the Archaeological and Museum Patrimony
1990 - Gheorghe Șincai Theoretical High School, Bucharest, Mathematics – Physics class



2008 - Wooden paintings restorer license, granted by Romanian Patriarchy, Commission of Church Painting (no. 5 / 5.03.2008)

2003 - Certificate of expert in the easel paintings restoration, awarded by the Romanian Ministry of Culture and Cults (no 54 / 17.12.2003, series ECR no. 0000054)

1996 – 2000 – Post-university training courses ”Bases of the scientific restoration”, organized by the Center for Training, Permanent Learning and Management for the Culture Area, within the Ministry of Culture and Cults and the National Museum of Art of Romania



2009 – May – Participation in the Symposium - organized by Getty Foundation, Los Angeles, USA, on the issues on painted wood boards conservation – subject “Facing the Challenges of Panel Painting Conservation: Trends, Treatments and Training”. Participated as Getty Foundation scholar.

2009 – June – Participation in the scientific symposium – organized by the Romanian Scientists Academy (Târgoviște Subsidiary) and “Valahia” University of Târgoviște – subject “Celebration of the Martyr King Constantin Brâncoveanu (1688-1714) and Establishment of the Wallachia Mitropoly”.





Painting Conservation & Restoration Studio
040593 Bucharest, Romania Tel: + 40 723.182.007, + 40 21.337.19.80 (studio hours 10-19)