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IORUX RESTORATIONS conservation and restoration studio is specialized in the preservation and restoration of:

We also deliver consultancy, evaluation, and framing services. We draw up projects for conservation, restoration, scientific research (physical, chemical and biological), in situ research and performing, shipping assistance, storage and handling, art history studies and researches, acquisition consulting for private and public institutions, etc.

IORUX RESTORATIONS conservation and restoration of the cultural assets studio is certified by the Romanian Ministry of Culture and National Patrimony by the paintings restoration expert SULTANA – RUXANDRA POLIZU GUŢĂ, for the area of “curative conservation and oil painting restoration”.
The licence has been issued by the Romanian Ministry of Culture and National Patrimony at the opinion of the National Commission for Museums and Collections.

IORUX RESTORATIONS conservation and restoration studio applies the Norms for mobile cultural assets preservation and restoration, applicable by the Romanian Law 182 / 2000 on the design of the national mobile cultural patrimony.

IORUX RESTORATIONS studio maintaining the necessary highest conservation standards combined with high quality work to enable restoration and preservation of artworks. The studio is dedicated to innovation, problem solving and research. We remain informed of the latest developments in the field of fine art conservation, regularly attending seminars and conferences as well as performing independent research in related areas of conservation science, techniques and materials of individual artists. The working practice of the studio is spectrum wide, ranging from restoring small disfiguring scratches to treating large extensive cosmetic and structural damages. We meet all of your conservation needs with museum quality care.

Our clients are: art and antiques galleries, auction houses, art collectors, art dealers, museums, corporations, architects and interior designers, various institutions, private people, the Romanian Patriarchy, as well as churches, parishes or monasteries.


Painting Conservation & Restoration Studio
040593 Bucharest, Romania Tel: + 40 723.182.007, + 40 21.337.19.80 (studio hours 10-19)